Conference "Strengthening Families" for adoptive parents, November 16-18

A conference "Strengthening Families" will be held in Kiev on November 16-18 to support families that have adopted or taken care of children.

"We know that taking care of and raising children with a traumatic past is not easy. That parents often have to sacrifice their interests and jeopardize their marriage. Sometimes they lose heart and hope seems to melt. That's why we hold our conference," the organizers. Among niah - the Association "Emmanuel" in partnership with "Ukraine without orphans", "You will be found", "Institute of trauma of child development", etc.

This is a weekend where you can recuperate, renew your parent’s vocation, remember forgotten and learn new parenting strategies, enjoy socializing with other parents and just relax.

Do not miss. After all, on this path of adoption and healing, the matter is also in you: your feelings, your well-being and your marriage are very important in the eyes of Heavenly Father.

Registration: (CBN)